DP Proceedings

  1. Raphaël Boudreault and Claude-Guy Quimper. Explaining WeightedCircuit Constraint Filtering
  2. Md Solimul Chowdhury, Martin Müller, and Jia-Huai You. Exploration via Random Walks in CDCL SAT Solving amid Conflict Depression
  3. Gustav Björdal, Pierre Flener, and Justin Pearson. Declarative Local-Search Methods
  4. Jip J. Dekker, Andreas Schutt, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Graeme Gange, Peter J. Stuckey, and Guido Tack. An Abstract Machine Model for MiniZinc
  5. Philippe Olivier, Andrea Lodi, and Gilles Pesant. Measures of Balance in Combinatorial Optimization
  6. Nicolas Blais, Alexis Remartini, Claude-Guy Quimper, Nadia Lehoux, and Jonathan Gaudreault. Disjunctive Scheduling with Setup Times: Optimizing a Food Factory
  7. Marc-André Ménard, Claude-Guy Quimper, and Jonathan Gaudreault. Learning sensitivity of schedules by analyzing the search process
  8. Alexandre Mercier-Aubin, Claude-Guy Quimper, and Jonathan Gaudreault. Multi-Ressource Scheduling with Setup Times: An Application Case to the Textile Industry
  9. Alexander Ek, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Andreas Schutt, Peter J. Stuckey, and Guido Tack. Modelling and Solving Online Optimisation Problems
  10. Ziye Tang, Willem-Jan van Hoeve, and Paul Shaw. A Study on the Traveling Salesman Problem with a Drone
  11. Alexandre Pineault, Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau, and Gilles Pesant. Tracking Pedestrians using Constraint Programmin
  12. Yanick Ouellet and Claude-Guy Quimper. Processing times filtering for the Cumulative constraint
  13. Cristian Galleguillos, Ricardo Soto, Zeynep Kiziltan, Alina Sîrbu, and Ozalp Babaoglu. Constraint Programming-based Job Dispatching for Modern HPC Applications
  14. Xavier Gillard, Pierre Schaus, and Yves Deville. SolverCheck: Declarative Testing of Constraints
  15. Hélène Verhaeghe. The Extensional Constraint