Accepted Abstracts

Oral presentations

  1. Gilles Pesant. From Support Propagation to Belief Propagation in Constraint Programming
  2. Rémy Garcia, Claude Michel and Michel Rueher. Searching for Input Data that Exercise Maximal Errors in Floating-Point Computations
  3. Amin Hosseininasab, Willem-Jan Van Hoeve and Andre Augusto Cire. Constraint-based Sequential Pattern Mining with Decision Diagrams
  4. Ruiwei Wang and Roland Yap. Arc Consistency Revisited
  5. Bishwamittra Ghosh and Kuldeep S. Meel. Incremental Approach to Interpretable Classification Rule Learning
  6. Javier Larrosa and Emma Rollon. Augmenting the Power of MaxSAT Resolution

Poster presentations

  1. S. Akshay and Kuldeep S. Meel. Scalable Approximate Model Counting via Concentrated Hashing
  2. David Bergman, Mohsen Emadikhiav and Serdar Kadioglu. Constrained Logistic Regression to Avoid Undesirable Predictions
  3. Anping He, Lvying Yu, Yuqing Liang, Pengfei Li, Yongcong Wang and Jinzhao Wu. A Software & Hardware based SAT Solving System with FPGA
  4. Abdelkader Beldjilali, David Allouche and Simon de Givry. Parallel Hybrid Best-First Search
  5. Moira MacNeil and Merve Bodur. Constraint Programming and Hybrid Decomposition Approaches to Discretizable Distance Geometry Problems
  6. Mikael Zayenz Lagerkvist. Nmbr9 as a Constraint Programming Challenge